Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oreo's Rescuers Fundraiser


I'm hear today to support my son and daughter-in-law in the efforts to raise money for their loving cat, Oreo. Yesterday an incident took place between the night before and yesterday morning where their cat had managed to get ahold of a set of Oriental Lilies and they have made her sick. The only way they found out is when they woke up she had gotten sick in their bedroom. My daughter-in-law discovered two more petals in the living room that happened to be torn from the flowers. They rushed her to the vet immediately after discovering what had happened. It turns out that the lilies she had eaten were poisonous. They have used all their money that had for bills and the small amount of spare money to use for the first nights stay as well as her first round of treatments that consisted of a continuous Iv flushing, toxiban administration (active charcoal), urinanalysis, phosphorus, and BUN and creatnine. that evening the vet had told them that she was taking well to the treatments. Her kidney levels were at a 1.5 which happens to be normal. Well early today the had two phone calls. One telling them that Oreo had eaten a little and was doing well. That was early in the morning. The second call came around noon. Her levels of 1.5 had risen to a 4.9. They want to try and keep her below a 9 to avoid kidney damage. And if she kidney levels range between 13 - 15, the vet told them she would not make it.

She a spirited cat with an odd but very loving personality. She loves to be around people, loves to sunbath, and is just a great all around cat. Even her companion, a Boxer named Bus, is worried for her. He searches the house for her and has even started to grow nervous with my son and daughter-in-law. Their pets are their babies. Both of them cling to the animals especially after my daughter-in-law became pregnant and lost the baby. These guys are their world and right now they've become really worried. I'm writing this to ask for your help. My daughter-in-law edited the fundraising page she originally made for her husband to help him out with his school supplies to focus fully on getting the money to pay the vet bills as well as for one more future visit as a just in case.  She has a job but is a small part time job that's barely getting the two of them by. They've made the choice to put their bills and my son's supplies for school on hold just to focus on Oreo. Below will be the link under Gabe's College Fund. Right now its transformed into Oreo's Rescuers. Help them out. They love their cat as much as the love their dog. Help them raise the money to pay for the treatments she needs and for an extra visit if need.

Thank you