Sunday, July 29, 2012

Girl's Time Out and a Poem I Wrote

My sister, sister-in-laws, and nieces decided to start doing some fun things together, just us girls.  On Mondays we are going out to eat and we also have a project each week to share with each other.  This week we are writing a poem.  We are also going to bingo in Friday nights in memory of our grandmother.  She loved playing bingo, I remember going with her when I was growing up.  Once a month we are also going to have movie night and we are also doing a big project to share with each other.  Next month we will do an art project and trading it with each other.  I don't know how that's going to work, because we are all not artistic.  My sister-in-law Mindy is the artistic one.  She lives in Texas so she will be mailing her picture to us.  I wish she lived her, so she could enjoy all the fun.
The reason I'm writing this is because since Mindy doesn't live her we are going to share our poem via facebook and I also would like to share my poem with you.  Here's my poem for the week.  This one is for my grand-daughters.

My Blessing

As I sit outside and wonder.
I feel the warmth of God's love and ponder.

He gives me His love and all it's beauties,
I'm so thankful for all my cuties.

He gave me not one, but three
My love for them is bigger than the sea.

Thank you God for all my blessings,
even though life can be so stressing.

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  1. How nice that you're diong this with each other. It should be very special to look back on down the road. Your poem is very fitting for me too. I have twin girls and another little lady on the way and they are very much blessings.